Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Southwest Airlines: My Letter (Part 2)

I am finally mailing the letter today with all the information required. See below for the letter I'm sending:

10 May 2011

Southwest Airlines
Central Baggage Services
PO Box 36663
Dallas, Texas 75235-1663

RE: Damaged luggage on flight ****

Dear: Members of Central Baggage Services

On 23 April 2011, I returned to Portland, OR (PDX) from a trip to Las Vegas (LAS) on flight **** (please see attached receipt and ticketless itinerary). The flight went smoothly but my luggage had a gaping hole where the wheel once was.

I immediately went to the Southwest desk and received a damage report receipt (please see attached with baggage claim check). They denied my claim because they stated that it isn’t covered by the Contract of Carriage. I have now reviewed that document.

Please view the included photos to see that this is not “normal wear” by the definitions of Southwest’s Contract of Carriage under the Limitations of Liability section. The wheel was not simply removed. The gaping hole doesn’t fit under the definition of “cuts, scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, punctures, marks, and dirt”. The wheel was wrenched off and tore a gaping hole in the bottom of my bag, through metal, to the interior of the bag.

This is documented damage caused by Southwest and I would like to be compensated for the original purchase price, less depreciation, as stated in the Contract of Carriage. Southwest’s coverage of $3,300 easily covers the cost of this Embark brand luggage which is $74.99 (see attached Target advertisement). I would like to be compensated for the $74.99, less depreciation.

I would like to continue flying with Southwest and have another flight with Southwest next month but don’t have a bag. Compensation for my damaged bag will resolve this issue for me.

Thank you for your time,

Enclosure: Receipt, ticketless itinerary, damage report with baggage claim check attached, photos of damaged bag, and copy of luggage advertisement.

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